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Welcome to the Free Slots download page!

On this page you will find Free Slots download for your home computer. These games were written and authored by my father who has slaved over a keyboard for many years to develop these Free Slots download which are among some of the finest Free Slots download for the PC you will find on the www.

Do you like to relax at home and play the pokies? there is nothing more enjoyable then to kick back in the comfort of your own home with a nice cold beer and play slot machines!

Free Slots download: How many times have we all been fooled by the “free download” free this, and free that spiel? where a site will get you in by promising all bar the sun and moon and when you eventually get to the actual download link after navigating your way through a minefield of misleading links and false lead links you download the software it has limited functions and you have no idea what the software does and are now none the wiser.

Then you have to pay to unlock it for the results, and on top of that you now have all these useless search bars mysteriously appearing in your browser and popups following you to every site you visit, all of this only to find you do not like the software anyway! been in that position?

With the Free Slots download games you will find on this page that is not the case, all Free Slots download are 100% malware/ spyware free and are shareware, which simply means it is free for you to download these slot games to distribute where upon you can use the software once installed and run it from home. This means you get to evaluate the game properly first to see if you like the game, after a set period of time the evaluation period will expire.

If it is the case where you like the Free Slots downloadgame then you can pay a small fee to buy the rights to use it, this is a fee for the slot games registration. The Free Slots download size varies but most Free Slots download are around 10 megabytes in size which is not a whole lot of data if you happen to be on a restricted internet data plan.

You can find free slot games to download, free slots download to play slot machines on your home computer all slot machine games are 100% spyware/ malware free, simply click here and follow the prompts and enjoy!